In the framework of the Project finaced by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - General Direction for Development Cooperation and carried out in Pakistan by IAO, it was foreseen to purchase a two-phase continuous-cycle olive press with spare parts having an hourly working capacity of between 400 and 500 kg to be installed in a building made available by MINFAL/PODB.

This machine is for demonstrative and technical training purposes and has the following characteristics.


Alfa Oliver 500 olive oil extraction system


Alfa Oliver 500 TOP Module

Small but effective

The Alfa Oliver 500 olive oil extraction system is designed to enable olive oil producers to differentiate their extra virgin olive oil from standard products by making the most of each crop’s basic characteristics and intrinsic qualities, and maintaining and enhancing these during production.

The unit combines the most advanced olive oil processing equipment currently available into an integrated, framemounted system with a compact footprint. The Alfa Oliver 500 is the most efficient system currently available for olive oil extraction. Installation is quick and easy – effectively ”plug-and-play” – and the unit is easy to operate and run.


Tailored to individual needs

One of the big advantages of the Alfa Oliver 500 system is that the process can be customized to meet particular customer needs and requirements. The modular design enables customers to choose freely between different configurations:


Alfa Laval quality and technology

The Alfa Oliver 500 is a continuous processing line that utilizes all the technical benefits and processing know-how that Alfa Laval has built up in the course of more than a century of experience with olive oil extraction.

This results in the combination of high performance, advanced technology and exceptional reliability that only Alfa Laval can provide.


Optimized design for each component

The Alfa Oliver 500 is an advanced-technology extraction system that is engineered with a straightforward construction that is easy to access. This makes it easy to install virtually anywhere, and even in confined spaces.

The system features the following modules:


Washing system

The dry washer consists of a rotating drum that removes leaves, twigs and soil from the olives, without using water. This dry washer is located outside the frame and is equipped with a screw conveyor elevator for loading the olives into the system. Traditional washing equipment that uses water can also be installed.


Alfa Laval washing system


Crusher/depitting machine

The crusher/depitting machine makes it possible for you to enhance the organoleptic features of your particular extra virgin olive oil. The olives are crushed completely in a toothed disc crusher that avoids overheating the olive paste and helps prevent any likelihood of oxidation. You can adjust the thickness and texture of the crushed paste to suit the ripeness of the olives, as well as the required output. It is also possible to remove the kernels from olives during crushing. This improves the overall quality and results in oil with a better taste and longer shelf life. A low-speed hammer crusher is also available.



Effective malaxing is crucial in producing olive oil of exceptional quality. It is important to extract the optimum amount of oil, with the right quantities of antioxidants and the best possible flavour. The malaxers are covered holding tanks in which the paste is continuously agitated at carefully controlled temperatures. These tanks are equipped with special highperformance heating jackets that enable you to control the temperature with considerable accuracy.

The malaxing tank is divided into two independent sections, each with a capacity of 350 kg. These sections have independent tank washing, temperature adjustment and heating systems. In the top-end version of the Alfa Oliver 500, both malaxing tanks are also designed to work with inert gases to prevent any oxidation of the oil during the malaxing process.


Decanter centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge used in the Alfa Oliver 500 is an Alfa Laval UVNX 904 model, which works in two phases. Interchangeable pulleys can adjust the differential speed of the auger. A system consisting of a screw conveyor and mono pump ensures effective evacuation of the pomace.


Alfa Laval UVNX 904 decanter centrifuge


Disk stack centrifuge

The high-speed separator is the key feature of the Alfa Oliver 500. It is the only small-scale system that uses a vertical separator for olive oil clarification.

The olive oil that exits from the decanter centrifuge is collected into a stainless steel tank and then transferred by a mono pump into an Alfa Laval MMB 304 closed-drum disk stack centrifuge. This is equipped with an auxiliary disk stack, so that cleaning operations can be done faster.


Alfa Laval MMB 304 disk stack centrifuge


Technical features


Alfa Oliver 500 LIGHT Module
Power rating 30.4 kW
Absorbed power 26.3 kW
Frame dimensions 2.5 x 3 m
Alfa Oliver 500 TOP Module
Power rating 32.2 kW
Absorbed power 27.8 kW
Frame dimensions 2.5 x 4 m


How it works

After cleaning to remove dirt and debris, the olives are crushed into olive paste using either hammer or disc crushing. If required, the olives can also be depitted before this milling process, using technology developed by Alfa Laval.

Milling is followed by malaxation, a slow mixing in which the olive paste is gradually heated and the enzymes activated. This allows the small drops of oil to coalesce. Microscopic oil droplets join together into larger ones that are then extracted using a decanter centrifuge. This separates the oil from the humid pomace.

The last main stage is clarification, in which any remaining water and olive residue is removed from the oil using a centrifuge. Using an Alfa Oliver 500 installation, the grower has complete flexibility for processing each batch and each harvest, with a free choice between standard mass-production olive oil and a customized processing sequence that results in a unique oil that commands a higher price.


How it works


Oil Mill (Tarnab - NWFP)

Please find below some pictures showing the oil mill installed on MINFAL/PODB premises in Tarnab (NWFP).


Extraction Unit Alfa Oliver 500 (Tarnab - NWFP)  Extraction Unit Alfa Oliver 500 (Tarnab - NWFP)



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