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Technical Assistance to Target Afghan Ministries

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IMG was entrusted to implement Programme of Technical Assistance (TA) to targeted Afghan Ministries, specifically to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Foreign Relation. Operations in Afghanistan have started in January 2006.

The general objective of the Programme is to assist the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the establishment and reform of the Governance bodies, through the activities of strengthening the technical capacities of staff that operates within the target ministries.

Four micro-projects will be implemented support to the oil mill production Jalalabad as follows:

Micro project 1:

Support to the oil mill in Jalalabad and olive growing, purchasing of agricultural tools, bottles and jar for the oil bottling process.

Micro project 2:

Training courses for marketing, quality control, language and informatics.

Micro project 3:

Microproject in support to the oil mill in Jalalabad and olive growing.

Micro project 4:

Production line for raisins and pistachio.